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Purchase genuine ink, labels and sealing fluid for your Frama and FP Postage Meters and folder inserters!

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GoCopy supplies genuine Frama and Francotyp Postalia (FP) Postage consumables for Frama and FP Postage Meters and FP Folder Inserters. As a result, you can be assured you are getting the right products for your mailing needs and products that won’t damage your equipment! In addition, our ink is Australia Post approved! Therefore, you are receiving trusted products.

Products include:

  • FP PostBase, OptiMail and UltiMail postage meter ink cartridges and franking labels
  • Frama Matrix postage meter ink jet cassettes and franking labels
  • Frama Ecomail and OfficeMail postage meter ink ribbons, cassettes and labels
  • FP ‘Sealit’ fluid for your postage meter and FP folder inserters envelopes!

If you any queries regarding your machine and the required consumables please do not hesitate to contact our office.

*View PostBase Postage Meters here! PostBase – no phone or fax line required; just an internet port!

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Matrix F2-L Ink Jet Cassette, Matrix F2 Ink Jet Cassette, Matrix F4-L Ink Jet Cassette, Matrix F4/F6 Ink Jet Cassette, Matrix F2-L/F2 Franking Labels, Martix F4-L/F4/F6 Franking Labels Box of 500 (2 per Sheet), Martix F4/F6 Franking Labels 100 single labels, Frama Matrix Maintenance Kit, Frama Non Rechargeable Ink Ribbon (Box of 2), Frama Rechargeable Ink Ribbon (Box of 2), Frama Rechargeable Ribbon Cassette, Frama Franking Labels Box of 500 (2 per sheet), FP PostBase 10ml Ink Cartridges (Box of 2), FP PostBase 42ml Ink Cartridges (Box of 2), FP PostBase Franking Labels Std Box of 500, FP PostBase Franking Labels XL Box of 1000, FP Optimail Ink Cartridges (Box of 3), FP Optimail Franking Labels Box of 500 (2 per sheet), FP Ultimail Ink Cartridges Box of 2 (1 set), FP Ultimail Franking Labels Box of 500, FP SEALIT 1 LITRE BOTTLE SEALING LIQUID